Power steering fluid, 1l.

Power steering fluid (Power Steering  Fluid) with the addition of multifunctional additives is designed for use in the steering of modern cars and trucks equipped with power steering.

- Provides optimum steering performance.

- Possesses stable viscosity in the wide range of operational temperatures.

- High antioxidant and anticorrosive properties.

- Helps to increase the service life of the hydraulic pump and power steering actuators.

- Eliminates most minor leaks from hydraulic seals.

Meets the requirements of GM TF DEXRON III, Ford MERCON, ALLISON C-4, ZF 02F, 04D, 11B, 14A, CAT TO-2, MB 236.1, TASA, MAN 339 Z1 & V1, Voith 55.6335.
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