Reusable tumbler glass, 400 ml

Reusable tumbler glass 400 ml. designed for hot and cold drinks. Thanks to the convenient lid, the drink will not spill and will retain its properties for the next few hours. The tumbler is made of safe material - polypropylene, which does not contain Bisphenol-A. It is convenient to take the glass with you both for a walk on foot and for a trip by car, since the matte coating of the glass allows it to be held securely in your hand and in a cup holder.

Choose from stylish cup designs to suit your daily mood: Drive for Speed, Move Your Power, Energize or Speed Power.

Recommendations for care and use:
-Before the first and each subsequent use, the cup must be washed in water with dishwashing detergent;
-Do not use abrasive cleaners;
-Avoid contact with alcohol-containing substances;
-Do not use the cup if it shows signs of damage or wear;
-Recommended use temperature: 5-70 degrees.
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