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RH Trade is a diversified trading and manufacturing company specializing in the non-fuel gas station business.
RH-Trade is an official partner of Gazprom Neft PJSC Group, a manufacturing agent and a leading supplier of private label goods for Gazprom Neft gas station chain: Gazprom Neft, G-Drive, Drivik.

About Us

Более 300 SKU
товаров СТМ
8 warehouses in the regions of the Russian Federation
More than 300 SKU of private label goods
In the market
since 2013
coffee points
drinks sold
10 m
cups of coffee
sold annually
20 m
We have solid experience in the development and production of goods under the private label of the customer. The process of creating private label goods includes formulation, packaging design, ordering materials and components, production and delivery. At the moment, we have developed and launched more than 300 SKUs of FMCG for gas stations in various categories: drinks, snacks, car chemicals, accessories, windshield washer fluids, souvenirs, etc.

Private Label Goods

One of the specific private label options for business is the creation of the original coffee blend that is a perfect choice for the customer’s tasks. The creation of a firm and repeatable blend or range of coffee varieties. For our part, we select and supply green beans, select production with the appropriate equipment and scale, develop roast profiles and blend composition to achieve the best taste and ensure the quality and stability of all processes.

Original Blends

We offer a wide range and service of professional coffee equipment based on custom-tailored superautomatic coffee machines and coffee points to implement best possible solutions for organizing a coffee zone.

Turnkey Coffee Zone

The Onlinecup digital ecosystem is a unique end-to-end solution for coffee business management. The implemented tools for equipment remote control are aimed at maintaining a single quality standard and increasing in profits from the sale of coffee drinks. The effectiveness of the system has been confirmed by the largest Russian chain companies.

Equipment Monitoring

RH-Trade is the exclusive distributor of G-Drive goods in Russia. Our goods are available at the leading retailers and marketplaces.

Our modern warehouses and transport make it possible to deliver goods throughout Russia. Our warehouse complexes are located in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk.

Distribution and Logistics

Our services

and Logistics


Original Blends


Private Label Goods

We produce more than 300 items in the category of drinks, snacks, goods for the cafe zone, as well as car chemicals and car accessories.

Our Products

with Gazprom Neft gas station chain
We have
of successful
10 years

Open to New Cooperation

Our partners are the largest manufacturers in Russia and the CIS countries. To ensure continuous growth and development, we are open to new cooperation.
Our priority areas for cooperation include:
Soft drinks
healthy food
Car chemicals,
car accessories
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